Starting with 17 subscribers and a $500 bank loan, Claire and Cathy Scheibe created a successful business that has thrived for the past 37 years. In the beginning of the company, Claire Scheibe's interest in farm toys sparked an idea that grew into a nationwide publication and well-established company known as Toy Farmer LTD. Claire had a powerful influence within the farm toy hobby until his death in the year 2000. Cathy continues to manage the business as Toy Farmer's publications, Toy Farmer and Toy Trucker & Contractor magazines are eagerly sought-after world-wide.

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Dimensions: 2 inches high; 6.25 inches length; 1.5 inches wide.
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Features Include: ~ Case 4890, 2014 National Farm Toy Show Tractor ~ Restoring Toys for the Kids ~ Al and Cathy Van Kley Sell Their Business ~ 2 Scale Fabrications, New Production Technology for Farm Toys ~ My Love of Collecting